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It Shouldn’t Be.  All You Need Is The Right Sales Process.

Implementing a professional, well-defined sales process is a must for your MSP— One that differentiates yours from others. The following are some tips to help you get started.

Define What Makes You Unique.

Do you have expertise in one area such as cyber security or HIPAA compliance? Or perhaps you pride yourself on the latest trends in technology and how to leverage them for success. A guarantee that you’ll answer a client’s needs within a specific amount of time is another good differentiator. One of our MSP clients guarantees that if they don’t respond within 5 minutes, their customers get one free month of service. Focus on your unique value and what makes you better than the competition.

Know Your Target Market and What They Need.

Canvassing can help you define your market. Hire a sales professional to go door-to-door, or make phone calls to get leads. They should collect necessary information about each business they contact, e.g.: How many computers do they have? Do they outsource IT services? Do they have a dedicated IT person on staff? Etc.  Take this information and compile it using Infusionsoft. Once you have a clear vision of the market you serve, you can tailor your sales strategies to align with it.

Promote a Professional Presence.

Before meeting a prospect, always research their company via the Internet to gather information about them. Check out their website and LinkedIn profile. Highlight key facts about their business so you can impress them with this knowledge when you meet.

Send a Shock & Awe Box* or a presentation folder in advance. Ensure that it’s prepared and printed professionally. It should include information about your company, your services, any guarantees you offer, and what make you better than your competitors. It should also include social proof such as case studies and testimonials that document your success. Send this out before you meet. It will relay that you are a professional, highly valuable company. *(Ulistic can prepare this for you.) 

Make Your Prospect Feel Comfortable.

Next, mail your prospect the following “Comfort Letters:”

  1. A Technical Letter drafted by one of your key vendors saying that you are a certified partner in their technology.
  2. A General Letter stating that you’re a member of a professional association or group.
  3. An Endorsement Letter from one of your top clients with an excellent referral detailing what you did to improve their business.

Become An Expert In The Language Your Prospects Speak.

If you work with lawyers, medical professionals, CPAs, bankers, engineers, oil companies, etc., learn to speak their particular lingo. Hang out where they do. Go on “Meet Up” and search for business groups in the market you want to serve, such as medical managers associations, attorney services groups, etc. Get out and network in the community. You can do this digitally as well. Participate in Webinars to share your expertise. Become the “IT Guy” everyone recognizes. Soon you will be the go-to MSP for your target audience.

Develop a Trusting Relationship.

Once you do meet, you should draw up a true partnership rather than a vendor/client relationship—One that’s built on trust.  And remember, as much as you’d like to take on every prospect as a customer, sometimes you may need to say no if they are outside the market you serve. Saying yes to the wrong client will cost you in the end.

Keep a Positive Attitude and Always Keep Promoting.

Go out and work hard every day to promote your MSP.  Think of yourself as a tech guy who is an expert marketer—Your business as a marketing and sales company that just happens to provide IT services.  If you don’t employ a sales team, outsource your selling to one or two sales professionals who are good at it.  Selling and marketing should be your #1 priority.

With a sales process you can count on—One that separates you from the competition—Selling your MSP will be much easier. 

Ulistic can help. Check out our “Marketing in a Box.” It has all the tools you need: LinkedIn scripts, canvassing and marketing materials, e-books, cheat sheets, and more, for only $297 a month!  Contact us at (716) 263-6961 or info@ulistic.com and we’ll be happy to tell you more!

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