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There Is NO Such Thing As A Traffic Jam On The Extra Mile

I have a saying, I can’t remember when I first heard it, but it has stuck with me dating back to my days running Calgary’s top IT services company, IT Matters from 2001 to 2007, and now with my MSP marketing agency, Ulistic.

This blog is just some random thoughts.  You know, the inside of the mind of an entrepreneur and business development consultant.  Lots of ideas and thoughts and just felt I needed to get them out there.  As always, I welcome you to call me at (716) 263-6961 or drop me an email at stuart.crawford@ulistic.com.  Always glad to help.

Traffic Jams On The Extra Mile

There Are No Traffic Jams On The Extra Mile

Again, I don’t remember when I first heard this saying, and in complete transparency, I’ve haven’t followed it for a few years.  No excuses, the buck stops with me, but I just allowed external forces to attempt to reshape my thinking and lost focus on what I truly cared about.

Outside of my beautiful wife, whom I cherish every single day, my kids (mine and acquired), my grandchildren, and my three fur babies…the only other thing that matters are my clients.  After all, outside of the family, my great client relationships are the only other thing I have. Oh yeah, Harley as well.

Time Clock Punchers…Scram!

I understand that others have lives and that the success of others is not their number one priority.  I think this is the one thing that separates what I do from others.  Even in my early days at ACDAT System Services in Calgary, I was usually the first one in and the last one to leave.  During IT Matters, it was not uncommon for me to be at the client’s office at 6 AM and still doing work at 8 PM.

Extra Mile and Learning

I’m a constant learning machine.  If I’m not investing time learning about the latest digital marketing trends to catapult Ulstic even farther ahead than our rivals, I’m studying Chinese/US relations, Gold and Silver pricing, and more.

You see, people on the extra mile also sharpen their saw.  They don’t demand training from their employers or expect it. They do out and get it themselves.  Always learning and sharpening their saw.

COVID Hasn’t Changed A Thing

I was beginning to wonder how life would change when COVID 19 cracked down on our economy and our way of life.  Besides going out for the odd meal, nothing much has changed.  Meaning, my work schedule hasn’t changed.  I don’t go to the office at all right now, work from home as the majority of out there, I still smoke cigars and drink scotch in the backyard…we were never go out to paint the town red type people and the restaurants in Sebring, Florida, mostly suck.

Refocus On The Extra Mile

The other major thing that COVID 19 taught me was that the client’s needs always came first before Ulistic’s needs. According to the high number of new client prospects in our pipeline, many of our competitors were slow out of the gate, and some still haven’t got out of the gate.  Not that I care at all about what the competitors to Ulistic are up to, I don’t.  My focus is 100% on serving the needs of the people that put their trust in me.

My focus has been 100% on the extra mile.  What more can I do to give Ulistic clients overall better experience with their MSP marketing and get them invited to new opportunities even if the market is slowing down?

Sidenote:  Ulistic clients are still getting new leads.  That makes me happy.

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