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Business IT SupportMaine Pointe is an international management-consulting firm with 85 employees. They specialize in supply chain implementation, and have an expertise in operations procurement and logistics. Although they work for businesses in various industries, they focus on serving large oil and gas, chemical and mining companies.

Maine Pointe Needed Consistent IT Services and Uptime For Their Global Operations.

We have been providing IT Services and Support to Maine Pointe since their inception ten years ago. Over the years, we’ve expanded their IT service to include Managed & Cloud Hosting Services as well as network refresh and re-design.

Recently, Maine Pointe needed a secure public location to run their company infrastructure, with 24/7 uptime for their global consulting operations. The design we implemented provided a fully redundant and fault-tolerant deployment of Microsoft Exchange, SharePoint, and a CRM (Customer Relationship Management) system.

Mary Stack, EVP/CFO for Maine Pointe explains:

“We require technology that allows us to work geographically from anywhere, including remote locations internationally in countries like Vietnam, Argentina and Canada. Our 85 employees must be able to communicate to one another at all times of the day or night, from wherever they are. Plus, uptime is a huge issue for us. GDS provides this and more.”

Maine Pointe Plans To Triple Their Size, and Keep GDS As They Do.

As Maine Pointe continues to expand, so do the services we provide. Over the years, they have gone through two hardware/network refreshes, and recently decided to move to a fully Outsourced Cloud Hosting Solution with us. By the end of this year, they will be fully integrated into our cloud environment and retire their owned server and data center infrastructures.

“One reason we continue to use GDS is that, not only do they provide the consistent IT Service and Support that we need, but they also save us money. We often have people on project sites on weekends. GDS makes themselves available at all times. Their service level is extremely high. They never fail to meet, or exceed our expectations. Because of this, we don’t have to worry about IT, because we know GDS will always be there. Plus, using GDS as our Outsourced IT Department means that we don’t need to hire or train in-house IT staff. This provides us a huge cost savings!” — Mary Stack

Today we provide them Hybrid Cloud Hosting of SharePoint, and CRM Exchange. In addition, we provide Desktop Support & Help Desk Services, and Server & Network Managed Services for Maine Pointe’s global consulting operations team.

Mary Raves About The Services GDS Provides:

“Ed from GDS helped me find just the right computer for my needs. When I started working at Maine Pointe, the PC I was using didn’t work for me. After chatting with me, Ed helped me research a number of options, and identified places where I could find information about different computers. This saved me an incredible amount of time. Plus, GDS doesn’t promote one brand over another. They are completely objective, so I really appreciated Ed’s input. Once I selected a computer, he came in and spent three hours migrating the information from my old computer to my new one. Ed made sure that I didn’t miss a beat, and was able to continue working. This type of IT support is priceless.”

Mary Recommends GDS To Others:

“I would definitely recommend GDS to others — Especially small to medium-sized startup companies. GDS has been with us since the beginning, and we plan to keep them as we grow. Maine Pointe will be doubling or even tripling our size in the next few years, and we’re secure in the fact that GDS will be able to provide what we need every step of the way!”

Are you looking for an IT provider who can provide consistent, IT Services and Support that save you money? A provider who can meet your needs no matter when or where your operations take place? Look to GDS. Contact us and we’ll tell you how we can help. (888) 849-6818 Info@GDSConnect.com

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