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San Marcos Computer ConsultingA governmental agency that handles property assessments in Kyle, Texas was in need of a new IT provider. Their current provider was having personal issues and wasn’t able to do his job. RMK Consulting was called to help. We stepped in knowing that we were simply “temporary help.” But, as always, we do the best that we can do, no matter the situation.

Our efforts were greatly appreciated and paid off. So much so that the agency ended up hiring us to be their full-time IT service provider!

The agency representative reported:

“Ron and RMK Consulting stepped up to the challenge and did exceedingly well, even though they knew they were being asked to provide services for a short period of time. They worked with the IT system that we had, revamped it, and now it’s working beautifully and more efficiently than ever before!”

The Major Problem Was Easily Resolved.

The appraisal agency was constantly needing to reboot their line-of-business (LOB) servers. Plus they were running out of storage space. They are an “open record agency,” meaning their records must always be available to the public. In years past, these records were simply stored away in a paper format.

With the onset of the digital age, they began scanning these documents, but soon ran out of space. RMK RMK Consulting helped them utilize virtualization to increase their storage capacity and lessen their space requirements.

How We Did IT.

We implemented a Dell Power Vault storage device that could scale up to 12 terabytes of space when needed. In addition, we used Hyper-V technology to virtualize three physical LOB servers into one Hyper-V hosted server.

As a result, it increased the resources for the virtual machines, and eliminated the two to three times a day reboots needed for each of the LOB servers.

The agency was so pleased with the results that they hired RMK RMK Consulting to be their full-time, managed IT service and support provider!

The agency rep. went on to say:

“RMK installed an automated system where we can email them if we have any issues. This has made troubleshooting of issues so much easier for our staff. Any problems are taken care of immediately. RMK has done great things for us. We no longer have to wait for onsite visits. They visit us once a week, and are always available via email if we need them.”

More rave reviews followed:

“On top of this, Ron and RMK introduced new technologies into our operations, such as virtual servers. They helped us transfer data into three different cloud structures. These technologies have greatly increased our Internet speed, efficiencies, reliability, security, and backup systems.

Plus, Ron is always accommodating, proactive and he and his staff are so knowledgeable. They take care of our needs before we even know they exist. For example, when I was asked a about an AVG workshop, Ron had already taken care of it. When I was asked about cloud computing, Ron and RMK had addressed this issue as well.

RMK plans for our future needs, and they align these needs with our budget. This makes my job so much easier! Before digital processes, we were always running to keep up. And, before RMK, we were struggling to plan ahead. Now we can better plan for the future! RMK and Ron deserve a big ‘pat on the back’ for all the great things they have done for us!”

Wow! Such wonderful compliments! Thank you! We’re blushing. Yet, we’re also proud that we’ve been able to serve our community in such a way. If you’d like for RMK Consulting to stop by and assess your IT needs (at no cost), we’ll be happy to do so. Visit https://www.rmkconsult.net for more information.

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