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Poor documentation? It’s not par for the course. IT Glue puts more money in your bottom line as an industry-leader in IT documentation.

Before you watch this webinar: Ulistic has been made aware that IT Glue has recently changed their pricing model since this webinar was recorded.  Any numbers, figures and estimates mentioned in this video may not be accurate.  Ulistic has no control over any inaccuracies in this webinar recording.  We recommend you discuss with IT Glue directly.

Did you know? “IT workers spend 20% of time looking for information” – Eric LIgman, Director, Worldwide Director of Partner Experience, Microsoft

IT Glue’s relentless commitment to executing on their core purpose of Galvanizing Trust™ will change your entire perception of IT documentation. Everything they do, from software design to internal policies and procedures, protects that core purpose.

Since the dawn of technology, the IT world has been plagued with two key challenges we endearingly refer to as “Trust Issues” and “Underwhelming Documentation”.  IT Glue believes that trust is the key to our existence. Businesses entrust IT Glue with their important, confidential intellectual property knowing they understand unique business challenges and needs in various industries.

“The first company in any industry that fully embraces the LEAN methodology will dominate their industry over the long run.” – Verne Harnish.

It’s about time you got blazing fast, robust IT documentation solutions and services that you’ll fall in love with. IT Glue’s proven, best practices-driven IT documentation platform packed with features is designed to help your business maximize the efficiency, transparency and consistency of your team. Documentation is one of the most precious assets – nurture it and gain instant results. 

They do this in several ways:

  • By allowing documentation to be created once ensuring a secure, sustainable, long-term IT documentation platform resulting in automatic succession planning for anyone involved in IT.
  • By enabling standardized, complete documentation to be created once (and once only) and maintained in a flexible way, with a beautiful interface that everyone loves to use.
  • By making IT documentation accessible both within the IT group and to the stakeholders or clients, with flexible access controls.
  • By making all of the above available for a simple, flat monthly fee based on the number of people who will be managing (creating/updating) your IT documentation.

Ready for a better way to organize IT information? It’s about time you had an IT company that you can trust – Galvanizing Trust™! IT Glue provides beautiful, simple, secure, and standardized documentation for IT departments and providers. Contact Ulistic today and we will make sure you are in touch with the right people at IT Glue.  

Call Ulistic today at 716.799.1999 or email us at info@ulistic.com.

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