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At least once a month, Ulistic likes to bring on an industry expert to share some knowledge.  This month, with vCIO services rapidly increasing in popularity, Reframe Your Clients’ CEO, Denes Purnhauser, and Ulistic’s CEO and Creative Director, Stuart Crawford, get together to discuss MSP challenges concerning vCIO, how to rebrand yourself in the vCIO services, why the vCIO is the next natural evolution, as well as some needed ideas on how to handle the problem.

“I really like Ulistic’s approach of how to rebrand yourself in the vCIO services, so that’s going to be our cornerstone for this talk today.” beams Denes. First and foremost, however, is establishing an understanding of what most MSPs are struggling with when it comes to this service.

vCIOTop issues challenging MSPs:

  • No unique differentiation.
  • New client acquisition challenging.
  • Substitution of basic MSPs services.
  • Vendors want to go direct.
  • IT infrastructure is not compelling.

The best way to approach rebranding ourselves, is seeing the opportunity in the IT management side.

Amongst top business challenges for CEOs is in fact not infrastructure related as most would assume, but instead related to security, solving business challenges, and achieving proper business decisions based on real time information from the field.

Solving this doesn’t just mean having a roadmap to your technology, either. It’s about finding opportunities in IT management that allow your business to surround the client, solve management issues, and plan an IT strategy.

“. . . eventually you have to separate your infrastructure based component, your traditional really good MSP service, and you have to cross and create another service – which is the fully fledged virtual CIO.” says Denes.

This doesn’t have to be a large or sophisticated process – we are just aiming to outsource our commodities. It is important to remember that there are different solutions for different businesses; some of you may still require MSP services, for instance, or coaching and management of your internal IT department to get the full effect from vCIO.

What are the different aspects you have to understand to be able to grasp this tool?

Try to understand what problems are generally associated with vCIO services. If it’s too infrastructure focused, if it’s misaligned with the people’s understanding or needs, if the pricing model is ill fitting, or if there is a lack of scalability – chances are there will be significant issues that lead to a non-profitable business. It is imperative to have clear pricing and packaging.

Another thing to understand and consider is how you can start doing vCIO services with your techs. Think about improving quarterly reviews, have more business conversations that cover pains, and consider what the models for both small, 20 people business, as well as large, 300 people companies, look like. Along with this, vCIO staffing, onboarding and development should be explored.

Most importantly – understand who your target market is! What do your clients look to you for? Will vCIO services improve what you have to offer them?

Planning your next steps:

  • First things first – a reality check. Before you attempt to move up, figure out where your business stands right now.
  • Establish a clear and attainable vision.
  • Execute framework aligned with the vision.
  • Ensure ongoing service and support.

Understanding alternative options:

Implementing vCIO services comes as a huge change to your business model, and can present many challenges. Fortunately, if vCIO sounds more like an issue than a solution for your business, there are other steps you can take to achieve similar benefits.

A more efficient MSP, a cloud broker to improve sales resources, a Datacenter builder to improve tech resources, as well as the tried and true tactic of trial and error can all create a positive impact and help you reach the benefits seen by vCIO services.

Here at ULISTIC, we can help you to communicate vCIO for prospects and generate new business opportunities. We have a good understanding of what you want to achieve, and we have a great plan to make it happen. Give Ulistic a call, drop us an email, or visit our website to learn how we can help you develop solutions for success!

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